Tanfeeth LLC
Country : United Arab Emirates
Sector : Industrials - Transportation & Services
Industry : Commercial & Professional Services
Sub-Industry :

Tanfeeth LLC Profile

Last Review Date 28-Nov-2017

Basic Information

  • Activity :
    Tanfeeth is a private company operating within the Commercial and Professional Services sector focusing on Diversified Support Services. Tanfeeth is based in Dubai, UAE and was established in January...
  • Industry Group :
    Commercial & Professional Services
  • Sub-Industry :
  • Contact Person :
  • Established On :
  • No of Employees :
    2,950 Employees as of 2016
Tanfeeth LLC
Q Building, Meydan, Nad Al Sheba, P.O.Box: 777, Dubai, UAE.
+971 4 3843506


Date Title File
Tanfeeth employees graduate from NYU Abu Dhabi’s ‘Leadership Essentials Development’ course
Staff of Tanfeeth in the Front Office Gets the Basics of Driving Certificate from New York University in Abu Dhabi
Tanfeth awarded the implementation of best practices in the field of human resources within the activities of the Conference and Exhibition HR 2014
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