Cairo ICT 2023: Experts applaud digital banking impact on enhancing customer experience

Sharikat Mubasher: One of the main goals of Cairo ICT 2023 is to explore the transformative power of AI and its potential to reshape the world when combined with human intellect.

In a session titled ‘From Branches to Bits: The Digital Banking Transformation,” experts discussed and showcased the role of digital banking in enhancing customers’ experience and elevating the services provided to them.

Jacque Meyer, Former COO of Tyme Bank and CPO of Discovery Bank, stated that digital banks provide sufficient data about customers’ transactions and e-wallets compared to traditional banks, which would accordingly participate in fulfilling the customers’ needs precisely.

For his part, Sherif El Beheiry, CEO of MDI, noted that digital banks are the primary core of the strategy for digitizing the banking system. In addition, he noted that the digital banking system mainly attracts youths.

Furthermore, El Beheiry pointed out that the banks in Egypt and the entire world are working on adopting digital banking services to meet their customers’ needs in a shorter time compared to traditional services.

Moreover, Tamer Al Mouj, Managing Director for MENA at Codebase, emphasized that Egyptian banks are witnessing a revolution in digital banking services, but they still need more regulations to broaden these services.

Cairo ICT 2023 is a leading technology expo in Africa and the Middle East that showcases the latest advancements in information technology, telecommunications, satellite communications, and artificial intelligence (AI).

It takes place from 19 to 22 November with the participation of over 400 local and global companies and more than 200 speakers.

Under the theme ‘Ignite Innovation: Merging Minds & Machines for a Better World,’ the four-day expo aims to explore ideas, share insights, and shape the future of technology.

Contribution Time: 20-Nov-2023 11:52 (GMT)
Last Update Time: 20-Nov-2023 11:55 (GMT)