Egypt starts official operation of world's largest sugar production plant with $400M investments

Canal Sugar Company announced Tuesday the start of the official operations of the largest sugar production plant in the world, with investments amounting to about $400 million.

The first and second lines of the factory have been started with a production capacity of 18,000 tons of sugar per day, in preparation for reaching the maximum production capacities of about one million tons per year during the next year 2023.

Once the maximum capacities are reached, the company will contribute positively to Egypt achieving 100 percent self-sufficiency in sugar in line with the state's vision to achieve sustainable development in Egypt 2030, which is mainly based on achieving self-sufficiency in basic and strategic commodities.

Egypt Today Contribution Time: 12-May-2022 12:18 (GMT)
Egypt Today Last Update Time: 12-May-2022 12:18 (GMT)