For the first time in Egypt's history, pharmaceutical exports rise to 35%

Egypt’s exports of medicines have risen unprecedently to 35 percent,  for the first time in Egypt’s history, according to Dr. Tamer Essam, the Chairman of the Medicines Authority.

Essam stressed that local manufacturing in the field of medicines is witnessing a great boom, adding that “there is no medicine in the world or vaccine that is not manufactured in Egypt.”

These statements were made by the Chairman of the Medicines Authority during a meeting of the Health Committee in the House of Representatives headed by Dr. Ashraf Hatem, while discussing requests for briefing on drug problems.

Tamer Essam demonstrated the strength of the pharmaceutical industry in Egypt by saying: "Egypt has not witnessed any crisis in the field of medicines for years, and the evaluation of Egypt internationally in the pharmaceutical industry has risen rapidly and remarkably for all."

Egypt Today Contribution Time: 13-Jan-2022 16:22 (GMT)
Egypt Today Last Update Time: 13-Jan-2022 16:22 (GMT)