Red Sea Global partners with Virtuoso to tap luxury travel agencies worldwide

Arab News: The Red Sea will have direct access to the best leisure travel agencies in the world as the multi-project developer, Red Sea Global, partners with global luxury travel group Virtuoso.   

RSG’s flagship destination will join Virtuoso’s elite network of world-leading hotels, resorts, cruise lines, tour companies and other travel businesses when it opens its doors in 2023.   

Located on the Kingdom’s west coast, the new site will be home to many prominent luxury brands, including Ritz-Carlton Reserve and Miraval, the first in the Middle East.  
The Red Sea aligns with Virtuoso’s long-standing mission of supporting sustainable tourism ideas and practices.   
“Set among desert canyons, dormant volcanoes and unexplored islands, we are pioneering a unique relationship between luxury tourism and the natural environment at the Red Sea,” said John Pagano, group CEO of RSG.   

This complies with Saudi Arabia’s evolution into one of the world’s leading sustainable tourism destinations, embedding sustainability at the heart of its travel and tourism-related developments under Vision 2030.   

Pagano added: “By committing to putting people and the planet first, we are enriching the surrounding environment and giving new meaning to the concept of responsible development. Working with Virtuoso, we’ll showcase the distinct benefits of regenerative tourism while bringing our unparalleled guest experiences to travelers from all over the world.” 
Staying at some of the world’s most renowned hotels, visitors will enjoy various activities spanning shopping, sport, entertainment, health and well-being. 
The facility will also offer an international airport, luxury marinas, golf courses, entertainment and leisure facilities.   
The Red Sea Project is anticipated to have 50 resorts with up to 8,000 hotel rooms at its intended completion time in 2030.   
Over 1,000 residential buildings spread across 22 islands and six inland areas will also be available by that time.   
“With travelers increasingly searching for destinations that marry opulence with eco-friendly activities, the Red Sea is set to securely place Saudi Arabia on the global tourism map,” said Virtuoso Senior Vice President Sales & Partnerships Cory Hagopian.

Arab Contribution Time: 25-May-2023 16:09 (GMT)
Arab Last Update Time: 25-May-2023 16:09 (GMT)