Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Info

What is Decypha?

Decypha is the world’s most comprehensive financial intelligence platform that offers decision-enabling intelligence on the markets of the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, UK, US and beyond. Decypha is designed using global best practices for investment professionals all over the world to monitor, assess, compare and make investment decisions easier, faster and with more accuracy and reliability.

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How do I subscribe?

You can become a member by hitting the “Membership” button on the top right side of the Home page or by giving us a call on +971 4 325 9996 Ext: 215.

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Do you have a privacy policy?


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Where are Decypha’s offices located?

Decypha’s head office is located in Dubai, UAE and we also have offices in Cairo, Egypt and Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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Who uses Decypha?

We highly focus on providing our services to financial institutions, including:

  1.   Equity research analyst
  2.   Asset Managers
  3.   Corporate Banks
  4.   Investment Managers
  5.   Wealth Managers
  6.   Consult. & Advisors
  7.   Legal Practitioners
  8.   Academics
  9.   Hedge Funds
  10.   Private Equity Analyst
  11.   Traders
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Using Decypha

How do I learn to use the platform?

You will have a dedicated Account Manager providing you with individual training sessions and support. We will also provide you with additional material.

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Which browser works best with Decypha?

Decypha works well on all desktop and tablet browsers.

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Can I use Decypha on my Smartphone?

Decypha could be used on all smartphones.

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I have my analytic modules on Excel, Is it possible to keep using them?

Using our Excel Add-In, you can retrieve all required data for your analytic modules so you can keep using your existing Excel files without a change. Although it is easy and straight forward to link your Excel to our system, we will provide the required support and we can do that on behalf of you.

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Services Provided

What are the covered countries?

We cover the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, UK and US with a total of 21 countries and 25 exchanges. Our coverage is increasing every day and you will get African countries covered soon.

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What are the covered scopes?

We are covering all asset classes related to financial data. You will find a comprehensive coverage for; Equity, Fixed Income, Funds, Money Market, Currencies and Commodities. Relevant scopes are also existing like; People Profiles, IPOs, M&A, Economics.

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Is it possible to collect a specific data for me in MENA region?

Yes, it’s possible. Just click the “Feedback” button and submit your query and our content team will provide required information according to availability.

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What is ‘Edition Control’?

The platform is designed to show data for all covered countries, however, you could filter displayed data in all sections to be for a single country or a specific region to match your interest.

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Who are the News providers?

We have multiple news providers including Decypha, Mubasher and 3rd Party news providers. Using news streamer, you could easily find what you are looking for.

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How can I submit a Press Release?

You can send press releases to

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What is ‘Smart Search’?

It is a search function that helps you reach what you are looking for in a single click. It combines a security (like Emaar) with a function (like Balance Sheet) to take you directly to the desired page. Simply type “Emaar Balance Sheet” or even “Emaar Bala” to reach balance sheet page of Emaar.

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How do I search for unlisted companies?

To find out the unlisted companies you could go to the “Company Screener” within the ‘Equity’ or ‘Analysis Tools’ sections and tick “Unlisted Companies”

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Is it possible to find a company based on its performance?

Using “Fundamental Screener” and “Technical Scanner”, you could find companies matching your criteria.

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Can I download my search results?

Simply click “Export” button and you will get search results in an Excel file.

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Are prices delayed or real time?

Prices and exchange indices are real time. This is based on your subscription.

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How could I be updated about upcoming features?

Decypha team will update you through sending a regular newsletter about any updates happening in Decypha.

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Getting Help

Why isn’t my Pro Chart loading?

Pro Chart will take a few minutes to load in the initial set up. If the problem persists you may need to download the updated version of Java.

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I cannot find the content I am looking for; how do I get help?

Hit the feedback button on the left of the page, tell us how we can help you and we will contact you through your preferred contact method.

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How can I contact Customer Support?

You can write to us at or give us a call on +971 4 325 9996 Ext: 215

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